The Heads

In the early 90's, in a back street garage somewhere in Bristol, Simon, Hugo, Wayne and founding member Dave Spencer would jam for hours and then retire to Simons house for tea and smoke until we could barely communicate. These were happy days and we really didn't give a fuck about anything other than getting in that garage, away from the scum outside, and turning those amps up to 11. Happy days don't last and paranoia set in. Dave left and then there were three.

After some unsuccessful attempts to find a like minded soul, we were introduced to The Rock Prof. Paul was the missing piece in our puzzle. We put out our first 7", 'quad' in '94 and met up with Simon Keeler. He was much more than a label manager and he became our man/nanny. He put up with a lot of shit and I don't think he ever realised how grateful we were. We certainly didn't tell him. All we really wanted to do is play and make a racket. Putting records out would be great but surely no ones gonna buy this shit, we thought. Trying to get us to play gigs made his hair fall out.

12 years later we are still putting records out and still finding it strange that people buy them and come to our rare gigs. Although rare the buzz from playing live still keeps us going especially since adding our own psyche lightshow powered by the masterful Lost Johnny.