The folks in Triangle met on a frozen tundra. They hooked up their plastical electric music boxes and it made them warmer. This place was St. Paul, MN. It was a lot like any other place except for the severely debilitating cold and the potential loss of various extremities due to horrific frost bite. These people who had found each other in the blinding snow were a true cast of characters: Amanda W, a Fargoan who played upright bass in the local college orchestra and garage-sale keyboards in a yellow jumpsuit; Brian T, a townie who escaped from the middle midwest back into the great white north with a bunch of synthesizers and unloved electronic junk; and Susan L, another Fargoan with a nice bmx bike and some fresh records, played their hectic elektronik music out of a boombox and some guitars.

They put out two eps on their own label, smoke + mirrors, which they shared with pals Walker Kong. Not long after, Susan left the band to tune Buddy Holly's double's guitar and Amanda and Brian signed as a duo to File 13 records, in old-timey Philadelphia Pa. File 13 released Triangle's debut record, "*", in 2001. The Triangle bought a computer to replace the boombox, trekked to the east coast a few times, got some parking tickets. The crew of the ship called Triangle began to tour and play with a wide variety of bands, and managed to appear at a couple of cmj's and a SXSW. like that did anything.

In their journeys, they have played with many fine and weird practicers of contemporary music, like The Beachwood Sparks, The Shins, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, the late great Dismemberment Plan, Deerhoof, The Flying Luttenbachers, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa,The Busy Signals,Bobby Conn,The Numbers,The Mates of State,The Fruitbats, Broadcast, Marc Almond, The Coachwhips, C.R.A.C.K. We Are Rock, Mochipet, and many others you have probably never heard of.

Triangle have since moved to Oakland, Ca. They definitely went through the changes. The Triangle ship took on a few old salts, namely Herr Jon Otto Schroeder on music box and Dr. Mark Treise on tenor bass and Colonel Elias Reitz (from Bright Black) on percussions. They all help to bail.

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