Tweak Bird

There's something to be said for any duo's ability to craft expansive jams. But what distinguishes Tweak Bird from its many peers is bona fide kinship. The Los Angeles-based duo comprise a perfectly tempestuous older brother/younger brother symbiosis.

For the past ten years, Caleb Bird (guitar) and Ashton Bird (drums) have endlessly explored the uncharted depths of punk and experimental rock as though it's child's play—allowing for this rather raucous endeavor to come to a psych-infused head. With reckless disregard and a lively temperament, Tweak Bird have indubitably left their mark on our eardrums, which explains why they've been afforded the opportunity to play with the likes of The Melvins, Witch, Entrance Band and Big Business.

Songs like "Shivers" and "Favorite Son" emanate a powerful brooding air—foreboding, almost threateningly so, some new sonic assault upon the listener. Caleb enters into the spirit of the boisterous occasion by belting out at the top of his range. A sort of musical Armageddon is constantly on the horizon, looming out of the unabated, swirling fuzz.