Wau y los Arrrghs

From Valencia in Spain comes the most amazing and authentic bunch of 60's garage punk devoted wildmen our unbearably bad-music-infested planet has to offer. Totally out of control, the Wau Los Arrrghs!!! play all of their fave teen-punk nuggets of the sixties in an incredibly primitive, fuzzed-out caveman-style, only a few bands like the ALARM CLOCKS and the GRAVEDIGGER V were already able to create. Just listen to their insane versions, of all-time garage-punk classics by bands like the TRASHMEN; KENNY & THE KASUALS; LOS SAICOS and WE THE PEOPLE, get blown away by their spanking organ sound and be impressed to hear one of the snottiest singers ever! All their songs have been performed in the native language, Spanish, which makes this album sound even more exceptional and exotic. Yabba dabba doo!