Zoey Van Goey

Zoey Van Goey is a band made up of Matt Brennan, Michael John McCarthy, and Kim Moore. Hailing from Canada, Ireland, and England respectively, they met in Glasgow, Scotland, and started making music together (Adam Scott joined as a fourth member in 2010). They released two singles on vinyl, first 'Foxtrot Vandals' (produced by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian) and then 'Sweethearts In Disguise.' Then they got around to releasing their first full-length album, 'The Cage Was Unlocked All Along,' which was produced by Paul Savage (Delgados, Phantom Band, Mogwai) and is out now.

In addition to gigging and recording, the band has also been involved in projects including a musical-literary collaboration with Falkirk art-rockers Y'all Is Fantasy Island and novelist Alan Bissett called the Super Puny Humans, as well as composing and performing music (in collaboration with David Paul Jones) for the National Theatre of Scotland in a stage adaptation of the Takeshi Kitano film 'Dolls.'

A few additional facts: Kim once trekked her way through a jungle in Ghana with a machete. Matt had part of his lung surgically removed after a tree fell on him during an ice storm in Montreal. Michael John was a trivia prodigy and regularly appeared on television quiz shows in Ireland throughout his childhood.

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