Round Two of ATP: Fans Voting Starts Today!

Friday 13th March, 2009

The voting for Round Two of The Fans Strike Back begins from today, and here's how it works...

In Round Two you get the chance to vote for bands that have played UK ATP festivals before! We have kept up to date a list of bands that we have approached but who cannot play, so please don't vote for any of them:

This includes MIA, Neon Neon and Crystal Castles who are all unable to perform, as well as some other artists we've approached ourselves, so please check it before voting. We still have an offer out to Wolves In The Throne Room.

Please go to to vote. Login with the reference that has been emailed to you, and use your email address as the password. You will then be able to vote, and also send out invitations to everyone else in your chalet so they can vote too. Please email us at if you have any problems or questions.

If your fellow chalet-mates already voted in Round One, they use the same voting login and password for Round Two!

Once we have compiled the Round Two votes on this site in order of popularity we will start picking bands 1 by 1 down the list until we confirm two bands for your side of the lineup. We will also pick 2 bands from past ATPs to play for our side of the lineup.

PLEASE bear in mind – only to pick bands who are not massive or we won't have the budget for it and you'll be wasiting your vote. For the record it needs to be acts who would play venues like, for example, the Scala or Koko in London (around 800-1400 people) as the budget is able to cope with that, but not bands who would play places like Brixton Academy (5000 people).

Some other things to keep in mind:

Just because a band is at the top of the list does not mean they will play. They have to be available and have to want to do it.

If you put a band that is taking a hiatus or has broken up several years ago, please consider that you might be wasting a vote. You might not be, so you are welcome to take a chance, but an artist has to want to do it!

You cannot vote for the same band twice.

You cannot vote twice.

If you are the one that has bought the apartment and you feel you have a right to then take all the votes, please bear in mind you will have to share your weekend with people who did not get a chance to vote because of you.

Any attempt to manipulate the voting system will be taken very seriously by ATP and could lead to your votes being disqualified. Play fair. Choose wisely.