Dirty Three and Laughing Clowns play ATP Australia Don't Look Backs

Friday 13th November, 2009

Arguably the stand-out performers at this years inaugural All Tomorrow's Parties Festival at Mt.Buller, the Dirty Three return to Australia this summer for a national tour - their first in almost four (4) years - performing their magnum-opus Ocean Songs, in its entirety. The tour will take in an appearance at Sydney's month long arts event, Sydney Festival and also the Perth International Arts Festival. In addition the Dirty Three will perform Ocean Songs at headline shows in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Released in March 1998 and recorded by American recording engineer Steve Albini, Ocean Songs was the fourth album to be released by the Dirty Three and was their recorded highlight to that date. As suggested by the title, the sea provided much of the inspiration for the album and the ebb and flow of the tidal currents made their impression felt via songs The Distant Shore, Sea Above Sky Below and the epic Deep Waters - all sixteen minutes and 30 seconds of it.

The Australian Don't Look Back dates will join previous Dirty Three performances of Ocean Songs in London, upstate New York and a truncated performance earlier this year at Mt.Buller in regional Australia. This time however, Australian audiences will witness the performance of the album as a whole.

But that's not all... joining Dirty Three for the Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney performances will be long time Dirty Three favourites, Laughing Clowns, performing their early 'hits' package 'History of Rock n' Roll Volume One', also in its entirety. Yep, the same line-up that emerged after a 25 year hiatus to perform at this years inaugural Australian All Tomorrow's Parties Festivals - Kuepper, Wegener, Elliott, Miller and Spence - will join forces once more time to put new life into old classics such as Holy Joe, Sometimes (I Just Can't Live with Anyone) and Everything That Flies. 

Full dates as follows.


Thursday 21st: Melbourne, Forum *

Monday 25th: Brisbane, Tivoli *
Tuesday 26th: Sydney Festival, Enmore Theatre *

Thursday 11th: Perth Festival, PIAF - A Don't Look Back performance of Ocean Songs (on sale now)

* Plus Laughing Clowns performing 'History of Rock n' Roll Volume One'

Unless otherwise noted tickets for all shows will go on-sale Monday November 23rd. For full ticketing details go to www.feelpresents.com