Waxing Lyrical - New feature on ATP site

Thursday 15th April, 2010

We've got a cool new feature up on site today. As we usually have some fairly obscure/new artists on each festival line-up we thought it would be useful for artists you DO know to tell you something about them.

Therefore 'Waxing Lyrical' sections will appear on certain line-up pages where artists who have played ATP before can tell you a little something about artists who will be playing soon.

Our first entries:

David Pajo (Papa M) on Endless Boogie
Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) on Sic Alps
Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) on Toumani Diabate

If you're an artist that has played ATP before and you want to take part by commenting on someone playing an upcoming ATP, get in touch!

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