Oneida guests for the Ocropolis + Soundcloud tracks + more

Monday 29th November, 2010

Oneida will bring their Ocropolis to ATP for a second time this weekend at Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

"Oneida has somehow managed to wade through thirteen years of making loud, repetitive, utopian music in Brooklyn, NY.  Their continued commercial irrelevance is quite a feat, really; they must be some combination of idealistic, inscrutable, and (again) loud.  To their credit, there has been an entire release series devoted to covers of one of their compositions ("Sheets of Easter" - easily described by any combination of adjectives in this paragraph); they have created a massive body of recorded work recently capped by a phenomenally ambitious triple CD (Rated O - not easily described by anything); and they are devoted to collaboration, improvisation, and navigation, all through their Brooklyn community recording/performance space: The Ocropolis.

A mobile version of The Ocropolis will be installed at this incarnation of ATP with the help of the Secret Project Robot visual crew, and in collaboration with a huge range of ATP performers.  A day-long continuous performance will transport the spirit and sound of the communal Oneida experience to Minehead, offering the unpredictability, the uncertainty, and the transcendence of improvised music and society."

Today we can let you know that members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Deerhoof, The Dead C, Flower/Corsano Duo, Hallogallo, The Sadies, White Hills and Plasma Expander amongst others will join them to improvise and collaborate. As the times of the appearances may change throughout the day there will be a schedule kept up to date at Crazy Horse.

To get you excited we've added seven Oneida tracks to our Soundcloud courtesy of Jagjaguwar records.

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