ATP Alexandra Palace Theatre Benefit - Thank Yous

Friday 24th June, 2011

Thanks to everyone who came to the benefit last night and to Dunns ( for providing delicious cakes for everyone to enjoy! Thanks to Jacob and Colin for representing the FOAPT and saying a few words.

We raised £1040, so a big thanks to everyone below who donated to the raffle.

Thanks to Lord Sinclair, Ben Power, Andy Hung, Declan Allen, The Local and our own Barry Hogan for DJing. Remember to like “Friends of Alexandra Palace Theatre” to find out about more events!


Please support these businesses who kindly donated to the raffle:

Jealous Gallery:
Haberdashery Coffee House & Eatery:
Jonathan Edwards:
Pete McKee:
Gail's Bakery:
Riley Ice Cream: 32 The Broadway N8 9SU
Sonisphere Festival:
Haelan Centre:
Audio Gold:
I Love 2 Love: