Last Tall Firs cover released before ATP Curated by Jeff Mangum

Thursday 8th March, 2012

In the weeks leading up to the ATP curated by Jeff Mangum festival Tall Firs have been releasing free downloadable cover versions of tracks by other artists on the festival line-up.

The fifth and final track sees the band covering Neutral Milk Hotel - grab it here!

You can grab tracks 1-4 (the band covering Thurston Moore, The Fall, The Magnetic Fields and Sebadoh) from this link.

The band's UK tour looks like this:

15th March - Tall Firs play The Basement, City Screen in York. Info/tickets.

16th March
- Tall Firs play The Trof in Fallowfield, Manchester. Info/tickets.

17th March
- Tall Firs at London Upstairs At The Garage

The new album 'Out Of It And Into It' is out on the 12th March via ATP Recordings, pre-order now from the ATP Store - or you can hear the single 'Crooked Smiles' at Soundcloud.

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