Dawn Hunger Mini Interview (playing our End Of An Era Part 2 in November!)

Friday 20th September, 2013

This November we will be putting on two final UK holiday camp festivals in Camber Sands, UK under the banner The End Of An Era. The first weekend is sold out, with tickets available now for Weekend 2 curated by ATP & Loop. Tickets and more info on the event are available now from this link. See below for another in a series of mini interviews with bands playing the event. This time Dawn Hunger have given us their answers. You can check out tracks from them here at Soundcloud.

Name Of Artist: Dawn Hunger

Hometown: Lahhhnnndan

Year Formed: 2012

Bio: “Dawn Hunger was written for a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist to perform. I was interested in the concept of composing for musicians and not being involved in the live performance.” - Andrew Hung

DAWN HUNGER is Claire Inglis and Matthew de Pulford (with music written and produced by Fuck Buttons' Andrew Hung)

This is music that is both turbulent and disconcerting. Bereft of excess; jagged components are given space to breathe and move, attracting each other into unsettling frenzy. Groove is redefined by unhinged yet locked drums. Inglis' voice screeches and wails to disturb, and compel in equal measures.

Do your best to describe your sound in one sentence:

Claire: Intense, loud. disorientating, dark, but i also see elements of colour.

Matthew: Toxic urban fantasias, as imagined by a hall of mirrors.
Andrew: That moment when affection turns to disdain.
What are some recent activities of your band?

Claire: Shows in Amsterdam/Tilburg and Berlin

Matthew: Shows for Subbaculture in Amsterdam, Heresyourfuture in Tilburg and Teenitus, Berlin.

How excited are you to play this event?

Claire: Extremely excited, this is a show that i have always wanted to play.

How do you feel about being asked to play one of the last two ATP holiday camp events?

Claire: Ecstatic, will be Epic.

Matthew: Hugely honoured. ATP is totemic for having brought together people like me who, coming from outside an urban environment in pre-internet days, felt a little isolated from much of the culture surrounding the music we enjoyed most. The fact that I could get to these festivals by catching a bus from my hometown in Kent made Camber Sands extra special, as did the idea that for a while it just felt like a parallel universe version of the traditional British holiday resort.

Do you have a connection with the curators / an idea why you were chosen to play?

Claire: Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons) and ATP did our single launch show back in Nov.

Which of your releases do you feel ATP attendees should check out first?

Claire: Stumbling Room

Is there one of your tracks you think specifically represents you best?

Claire: Yes, I would say 'Home '(it's a new track)

Are there any other currently confirmed bands you're excited about seeing?

Claire: Mogwai, Civil Civic and The KVB

Matthew: Fennesz

If you were curating, name three bands you'd want to play your event...

Claire: Grinderman, Pan Sonic and Boards of Canada

Matthew: ooioo, ESG, The Inkspots

Andrew: Colleen, Boards of Canada, Kate Bush. I hear Barry is a massive fan of Kate Bush.
If you could pick one record release in the last year which would you recommend?

Claire: Autechre 'EXai"

And what's the best gig you've seen in the last year?

Claire: Rocketnumbernine (they played at our launch) it was my first time seeing them, and i thought they killed it.

Andrew: Swans were great when I saw them. As powerful as I'd hoped and more.

What have your previous experiences at ATP been like? Any favourite memories?

Claire: This is my first, but i can Imagine it's something that i won't forget.

Matthew: Mindblowing set from Brokeback at Minehead, and Mary Margaret O'Hara the same weekend, which was a heartbreaking tightrope walk. Neil Hamburger splitting the audience in Camber and refusing to do the zipperstick routine sticks in the mind too, as does Battles really early on the Mars Volta weekend.

Andrew: Punching the air at a drone track in the Irish Bar before realising it was a Fuck Buttons track / Being embarrassed by Deborah when she told Geoff Portishead that I'd called my goldfish after him, Beth and Adrian / Limbo dancing in the chalets / Inbetween Days / Waking up in the morning and Blue Velvet is on TV / Seeing old faces and meeting new friends. I'm going to miss ATP dearly.