Icelandic Artist Mugison Just Announced As Support For Neil Young At Laugardalshöllin

Sunday 6th July, 2014

Tickets available HERE

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

We are very excited to announce Mugison will be supporting Neil Young In Iceland.

'In 2001 Mugison met his first laptop - a used Mac, most likely stolen or over borrowed from a poor philosophy student in Iceland. Inside the laptop he discovered a hard drive filled with songs and the ability to burn songs on to CDRs. Using his acquired ability to burn CDs he came up with a quick money making scheme, sold 70 copies to his grandmother and bought a ticket to London. It was here that Mugison met a man by the name of Joshua who had been living in the streets since he was 9 and supported himself by DJ-ing. They discussed Mugison's little business and decided that instead of burning the same music onto CDs like Mugison had been doing, they would record their own. Over the next few years, Mugison recorded some tracks. Those tracks came together to make the album, Lonely Mountain.'

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: This is an artist ever in the moment, fully grounded, firmly rooted, renewing the collaboration with the band that has partnered on the most sturdy, most forceful, most earthy work of his singular career.

Venue Address: Laugardalshöllin, Engjavegur 8, 104 Reykjavík, Iceland


Tickets available HERE

There are 2 types of ticket for Neil Young & Crazy Horse at Laugardalshöllin: Area A and Area B. Area A being closer to the stage and Area B is now SOLD OUT. All tickets are unreserved/standing.

Single tickets:
Ticket price for Area A is 17,900 ISK / 115 EUR including booking fee
Ticket price for Area B SOLD OUT

Full event information available HERE.