London Duo Sculpture Are Bringing Their Multi-Format, Audio Visual Live Show To Cafe Oto Next Month

Wednesday 14th January, 2015

Sculpture is the combination of Dan Hayhurst (music), and Reuben Sutherland (animation). The duo are highly regarded for their unforgettable multi-format live show, featuring live tape looping and acid-flashback visuals. 

Their performances are an amalgam of electronic music, kinetic art, comic strips, abstract animation, audiovisual cut-ups - a mix of analog and digital practices - tape manipulation, samples, found sounds, aleatoric and algorithmic programming and live improvisation. Dan plays media devices and electronic instruments. Reuben plays video zoetrope turntable.

Needless to say this is one show not to be missed! They play Cafe Oto Thursday 19th Feb,



Moon Gangs + Public Information DJs Added as support for this show.

Watch Sculpture's Hackle Scam Populator