Ben Frost Curates This Years Reading List For ATP Iceland

Friday 3rd July, 2015

Ben Frost curates the books for ATP Iceland this year. Frost has not only curated this year's reading list, he will also be read from New Wild by Fred Pearce at 5:45pm on Friday July 3rd in the Cinema at Keilir University

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Ben Frost relocated to Reykjavík Iceland in 2005 and, working together with close friends Valgeir Sigurðsson and Nico Muhly, formed the Bedroom Community record label/collective. His albums, including Steel Wound (2003), Theory of Machines (2007), BY THE THROAT (2009) and A U R O R A (2014) fuse intensely structured sound art with militant post-classical electronic music, shape-shifting physical power with immersive melody, concentrated minimalism with fierce, rupturing metal. Frost engages in various collaborations and alliances which underline his continuing fascination with finding ways of juxtaposing music, rhythm, technology, the body, performance, text, art - beauty and violence - combining and coalescing the roles and procedures of various artistic disciplines in one place.

Ben Frost's Curated Book List:

The New Wild - Fred Pearce

Feral - George Monbiot

The World Without Us - Alan Weisman

The Goshawk - T.H White