Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs. Evil out today on ATP Recordings

Monday 31st January, 2011

Deerhoof's fantastic new album Deerhoof vs. Evil is out this week in the UK on ATP Recordings! We think it's their best LP in quite some time and here's just a small sample of the reviews that agree with us....

4/5, "The perfect prog-pop hit...This is 'difficult' music at it's most endearingly playful, and an absolute joy." - Mojo

4/5, "It's hard to imagine a sound less statesmanlike than the joyous racket of their 11th LP...they continue to defy pop orthodoxy." - Q

4/5, "Deerhoof songs unleash coiled energies in high pressure bursts...Deerhoof are coming close to knocking The Flaming Lips off their exalted perch." - Uncut

4/5, "Ten studio albums and 16 years into a singular career, the experimental US art-rockers are still an enigma" - The Times

5/5, Album Of The Month, "Needless to say, the swines are still better than your band." - Artrocker

4/5, "Musical schizophrenia at it's sweetest...we want a bit of whatever Deerhoof are on." - The Fly

8/10, "Deerhoof’s prodigiously consistent output should not overshadow how precious they are." - Drowned In Sound

"The four-piece continue to push the boundaries of pop music...wonderfully challenging." - Clash

9/10, "Weird and regularly wonderful, in the same way Animal Collective set an intolerably early LP marker back in January 2009, Deerhoof have set a standard few can match." - Loud And Quiet

8.5/10, "Astonishingly original and new...Deerhoof, we salute you." - The Four Oh Five

4/5, "Could be their most polished work: there are seismic riffs, Greek soundtrack covers, countless counter-rhythms and sharp-edged melodies." - Record Collector

8/10, "It's almost depressingly rare for a band to be creating it's most vital and exciting music this late into it's career and Deerhoof should be applauded for refusing to fade." - Subbacultcha

4.5/5, "A glorious return from a band that somehow keeps getting better." - Narc

Drowned In Sound are having a Deerhoof Takeover day today, check out a great Track by Track of the new album here.

Deerhoof Vs Evil is available on CD, limited edition pink vinyl (with MP3 download) and digital download. Packages which combine either the album on CD or LP with the Super Duper Rescue Heads ! 7", or the album with the Super 7" as well as the bands Custom Made double 7" are available. For download or buy links click here.

Download the first single, "The Merry Barracks" for free here -