Eaux Mini Interview & Music (playing ATP's End Of An Era Part 2 this November)

Wednesday 14th August, 2013

This November we will be putting on two final UK holiday camp festivals in Camber Sands, UK under the banner The End Of An Era. The first weekend is sold out, with tickets available now for Weekend 2 curated by ATP & Loop. Tickets and more info on the event are available now from this link. See below for another in a series of mini interviews with bands playing the event. This time Eaux have given us their answers and you can check out three tracks from them at our Soundcloud where they've been added to our Playlist for this festival...

Name Of Artist: Eaux

Hometown: London

Year Formed: 2011


Eaux is the new creation of London based Sian Ahern, Stephen Warrington and Ben Crook. Forming in late 2011 from the ashes of cult band Sian Alice Group, the bands music is made from the building blocks of drum pads and samplers, percussive sequencers, multiple synths, guitar and bass guitar, all cycling in waves beneath Ahern’s voice.

Structuring their songs to work with the constraints of the live setting, the trio alternate between instruments, sounds and rhythmic patterns to form compositions that weave together elements of folk, 60′s bubblegum and psych, early German electronic music and British industrial & post punk, and the analogue era of Detroit techno, brought together and highlighted by Ahern’s crystalline, ethereal vocals.

Their latest release ‘ i ‘ presents 5 new songs, each structured from an improvisational starting point. Developing, refining and reworking these initial improvisations is a necessary process ‘but only up to a point… that they remain open to us to enjoy in a live context is really important’ says Warrington, ‘for example, ‘i’ was deliberately half-written when we recorded it, so there was room for improvisation. The playing and the writing happened in parallel.’

‘If we can’t play a part live in the room together at the same time, it seems wrong to add in later’, says Ahern, whose vocal lines are born of the same improvisational methods as the instrumentation, placing phonetics over the semantic which follow subconscious lines-of-thought towards glimmers of narrative drama – “It feels less thought about, more automatic. For me it was transcendental – trancing out without too much work and effort.”

Written in the band’s east London rehearsal space in Spring 2012, the five songs were recorded and mixed in London’s Tin Room studio in a few focused days.

Do your best to describe your sound in one sentence:

Drum sequencers and samplers, drum pads, digital and analogue synths controlled by keyboards and foot pedals, bass, guitar, and a female vocal, making beats, noise and melodies.

What are the most recent activities of your band?

We're presently writing and recording an album and are releasing a 12" of remixes by Silver Apples and Tuff Sherm.

How excited are you to play this event?


How do you feel about being asked to play the last ever ATP holiday camp event?

We are ecstatically honoured and humbled to be playing the last ever holiday camp weekend, and ultimately saddened too, but onto the next chapter.

Do you have a connection with the curators / an idea why you were chosen to play?

We've become friends with the ATP family over the years and we were asked very early by Barry to play.

Which of your releases do you feel ATP attendees should check out first?

We've only had 2, the luther // no more power 7" and the i EP, both on Morning Ritual Recordings. Plus look for our Silver Apples and Tuff Sherm remixes.

Is there one of your tracks you think specifically represents you best?

Probably our new stuff which is presently under wraps.

Are there any other currently confirmed bands you're excited about seeing?

At weekend 2: Slint, Hookworms, Mogwai, Goat, Om, Michael Rother, Comets On Fire, Thought Forms, Dawn Hunger... weekend 1: Television, Low, Beak, Oneotrix Point Never, Haxan Cloak, Blanck Mass, Forest Swords, so yeah pretty much everyone actually.

If you were curating, name three bands you'd want to play your event...

Anything Velvet Underground related- John and / or Lou.
Dan Snaith performing as Daphni.
Patti Smith or the Cocteau Twins would be excellent thank you.

If you could pick one record release in the last year which would you recommend?

Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune by Vision Fortune or Slow Focus by the brothers Fuck Buttons, which is two records.

And what's the best gig you've seen in the last year?

The Knife at the roundhouse was the hands down most nuts gig we've seen.

What have your previous experiences at ATP been like? Any favourite memories?

We've always had an amazing time at ATP whether playing or not. The Fans Strike Back II will always be high in my mind as it was the first one we played (in a previous band called Sian Alice Group) especially as the Jesus Lizard and Sleep reformed. The final ATP NY at Kutchers was incredible, the Stooges ripped my brain out. Underground Resistance at the Animal Collective ATP was mind blowing - never thought but always hoped that would happen. Meeting Terry Riley,one of our heroes, in the fish and chip shop at that one was a pretty special moment too. Every Boredoms, GGD and Growing performance was always fantastic.