Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing Out Today!

Monday 17th March, 2008

Today is a special occasion, as it sees the release of Street Horrrsing, the debut album from Fuck Buttons, on our very own ATP Recordings. Some quotes:

8/10, "Ecstatic vibes, joyful symphonies that sound like they’ve been captured to tape in the depths of some psychedelic rainforest." - NME

"A well crafted canvas of seemingly paradoxical elements that work outstandingly well together, unpredictable, takes the listener somewhere else entirely." – The Wire

5/6, "A thrilling debut, a textural masterpiece." – Time Out

4/5, "Carefully plotted widescreen euphoria." – Underground Album of the Month, Mojo

4/5, "Full-on euphoria." - Uncut

4/5, "Stunning sound manipulation, this is no easy listen and it’s all the more rewarding for it" – Kerrang!

8/10, "Strange, new and wonderful...they stare wide-eyed towards the boundless horizons they themselves are creating." – Rock Sound

"A rich, overwhelming stew... it can really take you places...pure transcendent noise." – Plan B

"Magical...warm and welcoming." – Artrocker

We think it’s incredible and we’re extremely proud to be releasing it. So, if you want to support independent music and replace those leaked mp3s, you can get it on CD or 2xLP from most record stores, or you can go to the Fuck Buttons page of our site and buy through there online. Thanks for your support, it’s very much appreciated!