APSE - SPIRIT out now IN UK on ATP Recordings

Monday 7th July, 2008

ATP Recordings is very pleased to announce the release today of Spirit by APSE. We are reissuing this excellent album with a bonus track to bring it to a larger audience worldwide. Here are some press quotes:

"Lo-fi, tense and occasionally terrifying...an enviable sense of dramatic narrative...spectacular and frequently unsettling climaxes spiked with Sonic Youth guitars, Robert Toher's ghostly disembodied vocals and a relentless rhythmic drive." – Uncut

"Like Animal Collective's scarier older brothers...uneasy listening, a work that impresses through sheer force of will...the most menacing album since Portishead's 'Third'." – NME

"It's good to see one of the more interesting bands of their ilk get some recognition...Epic in scope and black of heart, 'Spirit' is an ominous treat." – Clash

8/10, "Who say's that post-rock is dead?...Intense and deeply atmospheric...recommended without reservation" – Rock Sound

"Forceful atmospheric rock...from the first rumble of percussion and muscular, sharply panned bass guitar, Shade Of the Moor demonstrates why ATP Recordings has decided to reissue Spirit for the rest of us." - Pitchfork

"Gorgeous...haunting...recommended" - Stereogum

The album is available now on CD and digital download.