New Drones single - The Minotaur + A Brief Retrospective

Tuesday 26th August, 2008


The Drones are more than pleased to announce the release of the first single, The Minotaur off their anticipated fourth studio album, Havilah. To celebrate their upcoming tour of the US, The Drones will be releasing The Minotaur as a limited edition picture disc (featuring artwork from acclaimed artist Deran Wright) and will include a selection of tracks from their Australian Music Prize Award nominated Gala Mill (2006) and AMP Award winning LP Wait Long By The River And The Bodies Of Your Enemies Will Float By (2005).

Recorded in a mud brick house somewhere in the mountains outside of Myrtleford, Victoria, The Minotaur is a lusty and brutal blitz, that over three and a half minutes, manages to draw the historical line between ancient Greek mythology and current-day time-wasting. A half-salute to modern-day sloth, and the painful decisions our future leaders face, between holding the destiny of the world in their hands, or holding another X-Box controller....

The ep will also include another track from the album, Nail it Down alongside Baby2 and Sitting on the edge of the bed cryin' from Wait Long by the River and Jezebel and Sixteen Straws from Gala Mill.

The Minotaur + a brief retrospective will be available digitally from August 26th 2008 through ATP Recordings. Havilah will be released by ATP Recordings in September 2008 in Australia and early 2009 worldwide.