Sleepy Sun - New Age single released today!

Monday 16th March, 2009

ATP Recordings are very pleased to present their debut release from San Francisco's Sleepy Sun.

New Age is a limited edition coloured 10" single featuring two tracks from the bands forthcoming debut album Embrace which we will be releasing in May.

iTunes and eMusic links are available from the Release Page, and physical copies will be hitting the shops in the next week. The wonderful people over at Rough Trade have it available for Pre-Order right now.

Meanwhile Sleepy Sun are set to play a series of shows at SXSW this week including our own ATP Film Launch Party tomorrow night at Emo's Main Stage. Tickets on sale now for $10. Sleepy Sun are being hyped as one of the unmissable new bands of the festival, with Esquire picking them out as one of their Top Ten SXSW Ones To Watch.