Sleepy Sun "Captivating" at SXSW, New Age 10" Now Available!

Wednesday 25th March, 2009

Last week at SXSW Sleepy Sun played a fair few shows, and the praise coming in for them has been very impressive. Here's just a few press quotes that have come in so far:

"Spirited bursts of dark stoner groove." - Rolling Stone

"The right band in the right place at the right time." - MSNBC

"Captivating." - BBC

"Anything but was it beautiful." - Metro International

"I really like this band and their hold-your-breath, lurching stoner rock...When the dude busts out the harmonia it's like Neil Young if he ever dropped acid." - Portland Mercury

"A real draw." - Austin Chronicle

"Best Hype Band That Didn't Disappoint: Sleepy Sun topped a lot of the "best new bands to watch" lists...and they made good on the promise...they left the crowd at Emo's with goosebumps." - Creative Loafing

"By far my favourite and one of the bands folks were especially excited to see." - Fotophonic

Sleepy Sun play the ATP: Fans Strike Back festival, and will also perform at the London Luminaire on the 21st May. Tickets for both on sale now through the Events section of this site.


In other news, the limited edition 10" version of the band's New Age single; their first release for us; can now be ordered from the following excellent independent record stores:

Rough Trade Records

Norman Records

Piccadilly Records

From the review at Norman Records:

"Sleepy Sun get in on the new skool psych/prog/stoner rock act...They've got a really nice sound actually, reigning in the dreaded excesses to create a hazy, druggy slice of audio nirvana - dirty, fuzzy hypnotic bass groove, tumbling, rolling drums, squalling wah-wah guitar swirling & spilling all over the's executed incredibly well."