New Deerhoof video, UK, Irish and Euro Tour Dates Approaching!

Tuesday 2nd June, 2009

Deerhoof have a new video for the track This Is God Speaking which has been created by Akiko Carver. On the Deerhoof myspace blog Akiko says:

"This video was created entirely around Satomi's lyrics. Her lyrics, which at first seemed playful, soon brought to mind questions about free will in the context of our societies and in human evolution. These images are an exploration of that subject. The somewhat creepy tone that ensued is my reaction to the idea of God giving directions to us as humans, which personally gives me the heeby-jeebies, and fills me with an anxiety and desperate need for escape. Book-ended by the staircase cel-based animation at the start and finish, the drawing and design process happened over the summer months while sitting in parks in Brooklyn, and consisted of hundreds of hand drawings before they were transferred to the digital realm. It took forever!"

Go to the VIDEOS page to check it out. This Is God Speaking is from the latest Deerhoof album Offend Maggie which is out now on ATP Recordings/Kill Rock Stars.

In other news the band's TOUR SCHEDULE has been updated with more dates including shows in France, the UK, Ireland and other European countries. We're promoting the London show at the Scala on 1st July, click here for tickets.