Climb Up by APSE out today worldwide on ATP Recordings

Monday 9th November, 2009

ATP Recordings are very pleased to announce that Climb Up, the second album we have released from APSE, is out today on CD, 2xLP (with free download) and Digital Download.


The record is a major departure from the band's most notable predecessor, Spirit - which was completed 4 years prior. Where Spirit explored a dark world of reverberant guitars, ambient passages, and minimal, haunting vocals, Climb Up proves a bold step out of that darkness. The intricacies of this new world are depicted as if staggering from the world of Spirit into a very different, more illuminated place.

Not to mention its packed with more grooves, a greater use of electronics, a range of instruments both modern and classical and – notably – a much stronger emphasis on voices and melodies.

Climb Up is dense, innovative, cinematic. Apse draw from a colourful palette of different genres, techniques, instruments and approaches - and with that have made what is likely to be one of the most curious, and probably largely unexpected albums of the year. Listen, and be immersed.

Some press reactions so far:

8/10, "Electrifying...another singular album from a singular band." - Under The Radar

"Stark and efficient...[sets] this band apart from from any contemporaries." - Boomkat

"A massive leap forward...dominated by a refusal to grasp the rules...Stunning" - Clash

"A compelling listen." - Uncut

"Something new and exciting...You'll never be able to take your eyes off it." - Strange Glue

"Worthy of its expansive album's difficult to chart the various textures, moods, and post-rock approaches contained in its dozen songs." - Stereogum

As well as appearances at the ATP In Between Days and Ten Years festivals, this December the APSE tour schedule looks like this:

Mon 14th Dec   w/ Pope Joan   Freebutt, Brighton
Tue 15th Dec   Stuk Leuven, Leuven
Wed 16th Dec   De Kreun, Kortrijk
Thu 17th Dec   Vera, Groningen
Fri 18th Dec   Ekko, Utrecht
Sat 19th Dec   Borderline, London