New Fursaxa Album Out Today On ATP/Recordings

Monday 8th March, 2010

Fursaxa is Tara Burke. Formerly a member of the Silbreeze band UN, Tara started her Fursaxa project in 1999 after UN disbanded. Since then Fursaxa has released six full length albums on the Acid Mothers Temple label, Ecstatic Peace, Time Lag, Eclipse, Last Visible Dog, and ATP. In addition there have been 3 self released CD-Rs and a CD on the her own Sylph recordings. In the summer of 2008 Fursaxa started recording her seventh full length record "Mycorrhizae Realm" at Hexham Head studio in Philadelphia. This studio recording is a first, as all of the previous releases have been recorded at home on a four track.

Over the last couple of years Fursaxa has been collaborating more and more with other musicians as well. Espers member Helena Espvall and Tara have a duo called Anahita, and Sharron Kraus and Tara have the duo Tau Emerald. And in September of 2006 Fursaxa became part of "The Valerie Project", which was a live soundtrack for the 1970 Czech film "Valerie and her Week of Wonders". Tara really enjoyed playing with these musicians and decided to engage Greg Weeks, Mary Lattimore, and Helena Espvall, all fellow Valerians, for her next album. Greg recorded the album at his studio, Mary played harp on 4 songs and also co-wrote 2 of the songs, and Helena played cello on 3 songs. It is an exercise in symbiosis.

Rock Sound's review compares her to Bardo Pond and Nico, saying the album "Draws you off through fragrant, swirling mists and ivy-clad passageways."

Vice gave the album 8/10 and said her "Woozy acid-folk" is "Effortless."

Norman Records say: "This lady is quite the woodland white witch, I have one record by her and that is quite powerful alone so imagine swimming in her entire output? You'd never come up for air...Tara Burke constructs beautiful, haunting & stirring music which makes for extremely spiritual, cleansing listening...This is one densely woven tapestry with a remarkably accomplished feel. A progression from her earlier spectral swooping vocal stuff like 'Alone In The Dark Wood', yet this is still pretty distinctive & VERY magical. Invest with confidence, you're in for a treat."

Boomkat: "By far the most accessible and textured Fursaxa album to date, and unless you're excessively attached to the homespun lo-fi aesthetics of old, it's surely a contender for being her best."

The new album is out today on ATP Recordings. CD and Digital Download is available now, Vinyl is to follow in a few weeks. You can buy it from our online store, all good independent record stores or download from iTunes/eMusic. Click here for full info.