Sleepy Sun release free download from forthcoming 3rd album, finalise European tour plans

Tuesday 28th February, 2012


ATP Recordings to release third album from SLEEPY SUN - 'Spine Hits'
Out 9th April 2012 on CD / LP (w/ download) / Digital Download

First track 'Stivey Pond' released as free download, European tour confirmed!


"Earth-quaking riffage in such carefully measured, perfectly spaced-out rations." - Pitchfork

"Sleepy Sun are at their best when they revel in both light and dark, unleashing throatily riffing guitars to disrupt pastoral interludes." - NME

"Brings LSD's dark side to the hippies, layering head- pummeling Black Sabbath metal and head-tripping Flaming Lips psychedelia on top of Fleet Foxes folk." - Spin

ATP Recordings will release the highly anticipated third album from Sleepy Sun, 'Spine Hits' on April 9th 2012 on CD, LP (with download) and Digital Download outside of North America. Vinyl & CD Pre-Orders are available now from the ATP Store. The album was produced by Dave Catching, Ethan Allen & Sleepy Sun, and mixed by Ethan Allen & Jim Watts. All songs were recorded at Hicksville Trailer Park & Rancho De la Luna in December 2011, except Track 8 "Still Breathing", recorded at Louder Studios, San Francisco in May 2010 by Tim Green.

Today the band release the first taster from the new album in the form of it's first track Stivey Pond available now as a free download from Soundcloud:

The band have also announced the following complete list of European tour dates for May / June :

23-May - Vera, Groningen (Nl)
24-May - Berghain, Berlin (Ger)
25-May - Molotow, Hamburg (Ger)
26-May - Le Guess Who? May Day, Utrecht (Nl)
27-May - I'll Be Your Mirror, London (Uk)
28-May - Trix, Antwerp (B)
29-May - Het Depot, Leuven (B)
30-May - Grand Mix, Tourcoing (Fr)
31-May - Point Fmr, Paris (Fr)
02-Jun - Primaverasound, Barcelona (Es)
03-Jun - Grim Montevideo, Marseille (Fr)
04-Jun - Spazio 211, Turin (It)
05-Jun - Rote Fabrik, Zurich (Ch)
06-Jun - Dachstock-Reiteschule, Bern (Ch)
07-Jun - Hana-Bi, Ravenna (It)
09-Jun - Primaverasound, Porto (Por)

(click for hi-res photo, credit: Brett Wilde)

Sleepy Sun - Spine Hits - Biography 2012 by Charles Saufley

The band of brothers known far and wide as Sleepy Sun don't sit still for long. Though they remain real and spiritual citizens of the Northern California hive that birthed the band in the latter half of the last decade, Sleepy Sun is a rambling band- a certifiably vagabond unit that built a reputation among American and European audiences as fine-tuned, ironclad locomotive and candy sweet heavy pop machine. Barnstorming the Great Plains....stealing afternoons from the unsuspecting on the European festival-go-round...hooking the uninitiated opening for the Arctic Monkeys, Black Angels, and Low Anthem, they've done yeoman's work, sparked the party, and made the music sound young again.

Sleepy Sun's miles, months, and days in the van are a tangible presence in Spine Hits, an LP of whimsy, restlessness, and urgency that leaps nimbly from landscape to landscape with ease, irreverence, and a catch-em-before-they-ain't changeling nature. For the most part, the sprawling Zeppelin-esque epics that defined much of Embrace and Fever have been traded in for a potent pop-compact framework. But never at the expense of the dodging, juking, and downshifting instincts that set their older long form pieces apart from a thousand other psychedelic drone warriors.

Recorded under the big skies of the California high desert with Queens of Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal alumnus Dave Catching, the jams on Spine Hits are alternatingly precision whittled and moodily muscular. Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss' guitars adroitly move from steamroller heavy to beachside airy and bouncing to interstellar- tinkering with texture and dynamics like never before. Vocalist Bret Constantino sings with a road-toughened, husky soul yowl and hush that occasionally betrays a society-weary frustration but more often hints at a way out. The rhythm section of drummer Brian Tice and Jack Allen is a super-cohesive, tricky, and tough-as-hell unit that keeps the Sleepy train on track as it teeters, creeps and runs wild across the land.

(click for hi-res photo, credit: Brett Wilde)

To any seasoned Sleepy Sun listener the new destinations will be surprises and revelations. "V.O.G." hints at a backstage conspiracy hatched on the Arctic Monkeys tour- buoyant and tight as a wire. "Boat Trip" moseys with a Lou Reed offhandedness- a postcard from Brian Wilson's forgotten vacation with the Velvets. "Still Breathing" is an elegiac nod to the band's early alignment with the Verve's dreamworlds.

For Sleepy spotters that came to love the band in its most massively rocking incarnations, there are the slow burns- "Stivey Pond" a sinister, stalking, and tender lurching beast bearing down on the subject of its obsession. And "Lioness (Requiem)" - a drifting, drowsy, late night lost in contemplation, dawn nowhere in sight.

Spine Hits isn't a portrait of a band in a moment. It's a box of snapshots spilled on the floor and blowing in the wind...left behind by a band that can't stop moving, but remembers what they left behind in a thousand colors.

Release Tracks:

  1. Stivey Pond
  2. She Rex
  3. Siouxsie Blaqq
  4. Creature
  5. Boat Trip
  6. V.O.G.
  7. Martyr's Mantra
  8. Still Breathing
  9. Yellow End
  10. Deep War
  11. Lioness (Requiem)


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