Deerhoof release new track from Breakup Song & European Tour

Thursday 16th August, 2012

Ever fallen in love? Had to say goodbye? Know the feeling where the dancefloor is in slow motion and the dappled glimmer of the mirrorball is your only solace? Deerhoof sums it up on this bittersweet torch song "Fête D'Adieu" - hear it now at Rolling Stone.

Drummer Greg Saunier is characteristically nonchalant: "We went for the Keith Richards-joins-ABBA vibe on this one."

Though Deerhoof has long been known for their hook-laden density (Rolling Stone's exact phrase is "absurdly catchy"), this haunting 3-minute pop gem breaks new ground for the band. Like a going away party, it's a celebration of endings and beginnings, with no moping allowed. Let's hit up the jukebox and see where the night takes us...

"Fête D'Adieu" is from Deerhoof's upcoming album Breakup Song, out September 3rd on ATP Recordings.

Pre-Order Now From ATP.

"I declare the war over anymore
ready for a laugh
ready to be tough as a robot on the dancefloor
a muscle in the heart"

The band have also announced the following European shows in addition to their appearance at the ATP curated by The National festival (Dec 7-9, Minehead, England):

Nov 21: Copenhagen (DK), Loppen
Nov 22: Berlin (DE), Festsaal Kreuzberg
Nov 23: Oslo (NO), Bla
Nov 24: Stockholm (SWE), Strand
Nov 28: Lyon (FR), Le Marche Gare
Nov 29: Paris (FR), Le Divan Du Monde
Nov 30: Utrecht (NL), Le Guess Who Festival
Dec 01: Brussels (BE), Autumn Falls Festival
Dec 02: Cologne (DE), TBA
Dec 03: Leeds (UK), Brudenell Social Club
Dec 04: London (UK), TBA
Dec 07-09: Minehead (UK)


photo by Paul Costuros