Deerhoof release new video for Fete d'Adieu

Monday 10th September, 2012

Today Deerhoof have released a brand new video for Fête d'Adieu - click here to view on Vimeo.

Fête d'Adieu is from the new Deerhoof album Breakup Song - out now on ATP Recordings - buy via

"Deerhoof and I (Elias Gwinn, the director) were digging for a concept that was not only creative, beautiful, and fitting of the song, but also something that was harmonious with the nature of the band, it's members, and their collective aesthetic - artistic yet humble, beautiful yet humorous, and DIY-simple with an open eye for happy accidents and unexpected beauty.

The story in this video is the story of friends, the nature of friendships, and the bittersweet irony of a 'goodbye party'. Fete d'Adieu translates to "happy farewell", a phrase as dichotomic as "act naturally." How am I supposed to enjoy an occasion where I am saying goodbye to my friends? By dancing...that's how.

The video was shot in one hour during sunset in McGolrick Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Sunset was important for the obvious associations with 'farewell'. The kids were not planned, but demanded to be included, as we were on their turf. We obliged."