Tall Firs 'Out Of It And Into It' + First Two Albums LP and CD bundles at special price

Monday 7th January, 2013

Some copies of the first two Tall Firs albums fell (softly) off a truck near the ATP offices, we are offering them in two economical bundles alongside the latest album: the CD bundle and the (mostly) LP bundle.  Own the complete recorded Tall Firs works for a fraction of their sticker value!

All of these records have received critical acclaim, and all are handsomely packaged.

Buy Three Album CD Bundle (£15) >>

Buy 2 x LP + 1 x CD Bundle (£20) >>

Praise for 'Out Of It And Into It' (ATP Records):

"[A] twin guitar looming, rising to a twin guitar vague threat. Album of the Week." - Sunday Times

"[S]pacious and haunting...an absorbing set that feels delicate in places and then brutal in others." - Clash

"Despite its brief 33 minute running time, this record's shroud of gloom is oppressively relentless." 0 Drowned in Sound
Praise for 'Too Old to Die Young' (Ecstatic Peace!):

"[E]lements of 'Too Old to Die Young'...have...been used before by...New York bands from Patti Smith to Television to Talking Heads, but the way Tall Firs blend them results in something lusher than any of the others could muster" - NME

"[S]un blessed beauty...The Firs have cut out the fuzz and moved into a twinkling star light territory of guitars and stuttering drums.  Pop in the sweetest of traditions, these songs amble along, weaving organically and ending inconclusively.  Thank god."  - AU

Praise for  'Tall Firs' (Ecstatic Peace!):

"[T]hese songs possess a sense of simmering tension, where lugubrious lyricism and instrumental drift do not detract from a poised delivery and a subtle but thoughtful use of contrasting shades. The acoustic-electric interplay suggests a kind of rootless, melodic modernity..." - Wire

"In gems like "The Breeze" and "The Woods," their duo vocals are moody, without squawking in that already dated freak-folk style; the guitars are occasionally colored by chimes, organ and brushed drums. "Go Whiskey" has the high, lonesome shiver of an old Townes Van Zandt record, except without any obvious country affectations. If your idea of staying warm on a winter night is a bottle of bourbon and a bleak memory, Tall Firs will make excellent company." - Rolling Stone
"Wait, those guys are Tall Firs? I have that record. I like that record." - Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)

"Tall Firs! You're wasted!" - Bradford Cox (Deerhunter)

"I love cats.  I don't understand them, I'm just a fan.  I want to be their roadie." - Michael Rother (NEU! Guitarist, Tall Firs roadie)

"The good frothing gods of all glowing games"  - Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel)