ATP join Songkick's Detour London as Curators

Friday 11th January, 2013

ATP are very pleased to announce a partnership with Songkick for their new Detour project.

Some words from them to introduce the concept:

"At the heart of Detour is a belief that true fans can help their favourite artists come to their city sooner. Right now as a fan if you want to see a new band live, say Merchandise, a great new act from Tampa, you have to wait till someone else (a combination of the band and the promoter) decide to take on the financial risk of confirming a show and traveling to a new place. Detour London gives fans a way to help the artists they love, by stepping up and committing to buy a ticket, telling the band “If you come, I’m in”.

We launched Detour London before Christmas and within a matter of days over 50 fans, lead by Sean from Drownedinsound, had started a campaign to bring Desaparecidos to London. We reached out to the band’s management and on the back of that support confirmed a show. When we spoke to Desaparecidos they told us;

"We couldn't be more excited to finally make it over to the UK- we are about a decade overdue and look forward to putting ten years of anticipation and excitement into our performances."

Not only that, the Detour London show also helped to confirm a full UK tour for the band, which is super exciting.

When we launched Detour London we partnered with a number of the editorial brands we respect the most, to curate the artists that they would personally back coming to London. We believe that Detour gives those curators another platform to help the artists they love.

Today we’re also announcing a very special new curator. Ever since we started Songkick, one of the brands we’ve most admired is ATP. Our team members have shared cabins at Camber Sands and been to countless amazing ATP shows, from Death Grips to MBV. ATP are a truly fan and artist centric company that inspire our belief that by connecting true artists and fans we can be part of building a better concert industry for everyone. Seriously, what independent promoter gets a music documentary made about them?"

We at ATP are really excited about Detour London as a way to bring over more new acts so we have joined as one of their curators. The first bands we would love to bring to London and have selected are:

- Superchunk
- Boredoms
- I Break Horses
- Merchandise
- Colin Stetson
- Merzbow
- Goat
- Divine Fits
- Widowspeak

Detour London is still in invite-only private beta, but we have a limited number of invites to give out today - just head to the following link and use this code: H9CXDKJH

Detour Website -

On the site you will then be able to get full info on how to back the bands above if you'd like to see them soon in London!