Daniel Blumberg reveals second track 'Viral' from new Hebronix project and video co-starring 'Nymphomanic' actress Stacy Martin & Sonja Kinski

Wednesday 12th June, 2013

Daniel Blumberg’s new project reveals track ‘Viral’.

The Video stars Stacy Martin, lead actress from forthcoming Lars Von Trier feature ‘Nymphomaniac’ and Sonja Kinski of the Kinksi acting dynasty; granddaughter of Klaus and daughter of Nastassja. View it here.

'VIRAL' is the second track to be released from the forthcoming album by Daniel Blumberg’s new project, Hebronix.  You can also stream the track here at Soundcloud or buy the track from iTunes. Check out an interview with Daniel Blumberg about the Hebronix project at Interview Magazine.

The song serves a more direct hit than its predecessor, yet at the same time it indicates a more textured and instrumentally richer turn for Blumberg, as well as a lyrical opacity that threads itself throughout the album.

It also fully showcases the mercurial talent of the record's producer, Neil Hagerty (of Royal Trux, Pussy Galore and Howling Hex notoriety)

Following the recent announcement of his separation from Yuck, Blumberg has brought Hebronix to the fore, and will release his first album under this moniker, ‘Unreal’, through ATP Recordings on 8th July (9th July US)

The video accompaniment to ‘VIRAL’ has its own starry anecdotes to tell. Filmed and produced in LA by Michael Reich, it features Stacy Martin (of forthcoming Lars von Trier film ‘The Nymphomaniac’) and Sonja Kinski (granddaughter of legendary actor Klaus Kinski) as his devoted dream girls.

It is at once an utterly beautiful piece of film and yet also possessing of an arrestingly offbeat narrative - perfectly fitting Hebronix sonic charm.

Unreal will be released on the 8th (UK)/9th (US) July on ATP Recordings and will be accompanied by Blumberg’s distinctive drawings, which have long been a part of his creative process.

Pre-order the album now here.