Behold A Marvel Details

Behold a Marvel in the Darkness is the second single to be taken from ‘Deerhoof vs. Evil’ and is released on 7” vinyl picture disc (ltd. to 500 copies) and digital download on 31st May 2011.

The b-side features two live tracks from the album ‘Milk Man’ performed at The Flaming Lips curated ATP New York in 2009, ‘Giga Dance’ and ‘Milking’, the latter featuring Kliph Scurlock of The Flaming Lips.

The 7" (with download) is available to buy now via the ATP Recordings store.

“Deep dub FX launch Behold A Marvel In The Darkness into ionospheric orbit” - UNCUT

“’ll keep returning to Vs Evil for it’s winningly alien hooks, it’s pop moments: the gossamer delight of Behold A Marvel In The Darkness (with Matsuzaki’s starkly affecting chorus of, “What is this thing called love?”)…” – MOJO

Having formed in 1994, Deerhoof is now that fateful age and by rites it's the band's turn to go out and challenge the world. The same way a rebellious adolescent turns tough and irrational, Greg Saunier, Ed Rodriguez, John Dieterich, and Satomi Matsuzaki just up and split from San Francisco, the only home they've ever known as a band, and left behind all notions of what a "Deerhoof record sounds like."

The result is Deerhoof vs. Evil (the band’s 11th album!). The musical equivalent of hormones raging out of control, it explodes out of the speakers with its gawky triumph and inflamed sentimentality. These are songs that practically demand that you dance and sing along (however elastic the rhythms, or abrupt the melodies). Right from “Qui Dorm, Només Somia” (sung in Catalan), it's evident that Deerhoof aren't afraid to take chances (critics be damned).

Ironically the result is polished, blissfully exuberant, and huge-sounding. Going DIY meant freedom to reinvent themselves, playing each others' instruments, altering those instruments so drastically as to be unrecognisable, (those aren't Joanna Newsom or Konono No. 1 samples, those are John and Ed's guitars), and generally splashing their sonic colours into the most unexpected combinations.

The band are back in the UK on July 1st supporting The Flaming Lips at Alexandra Palace in London where they perform their album ‘Milk Man’ from start to finish.