Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity

‘Friend Opportunity' is a feat of reinvention that could only come from artists willing to rethink everything. Even though Deerhoof have been around a long time, they're still restless, still hungry for the rush of the new. Not coincidentally, and fortunately for Deerhoof, they've attracted a burgeoning following who absolutely love to be challenged - from album to album, from song to song, from moment to moment. ‘Friend Opportunity' will not disappoint them. Or anyone else.

Release Formats

  • ATPRCD25: CD
  • ATPRLP25: LP
  • ATPR25: Digital Download




1. The Perfect Me 2:40  
2. + 81 3:03  
3. Believe E.S.P. 3:07  
4. The Galaxist 2:40  
5. Choco Fight 3:01  
6. Whither the Invisible Birds? 2:11  
7. Cast off Crown 2:47  
8. Kidz Are So Small 1:59  
9. Matchbook Seeks Maniac 3:23  
10. Look Away 11:45