Fuck Buttons - Olympians

New single from Fuck Buttons, available on 12" vinyl (pressed on a limited run of five different colored vinyls-- one for each Olympic ring) and digital download. Features remixes from Spiritualized's J. Spaceman and Suicide's Alan Vega. 3D hidden-image sleeve designed by the band.

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Release Formats

  • ATPRSP010-A: Black 12" (with download code)
  • ATPRSP010-B: Blue 12" (with download code)
  • ATPRSP010-C: Red 12" (with download code)
  • ATPRSP010-D: Yellow 12" (with download code)
  • ATPRSP010-E: Green 12" (with download code)
  • ATPRSP010 Download: Digital Download



Olympians (Single Edit)


1. Olympians
2. Olympians (Spaceman vs The Olympians) - Remix by J. Spaceman
3. Rough Steez (White Hot Heat Remix) - Remix by Alan Vega