Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing

Tribal beats and subtle beautiful melodies weave amongst contorting Technicolor drone-scapes while preaching distorted-vocals scream for dear hope herself… Fuck Buttons straddle you between the wall of sound that lies between the beginning of destruction and the end of birth. This grand noise will fondle you into a state of immersed euphoria.

Release Formats

  • ATPRCD28: CD
  • ATPRLP28: 2x LP
  • ATPR28: Download




1. Sweet Love For Planet Earth 9:41  
2. Ribs Out 3:58  
3. Okay, Let's Talk About Magic 10:08  
4. Race You To My Bedroom / Spirit Rise 9:18  
5. Bright Tomorrow 7:42  
6. Colours Move 8:54