Artist Bio: JC Flowers

JC Flowers formed in 2014 around some Tascam 4 track demos betraying a love of the Velvets, Replacements, Shoes and dB's.

They are Issie Spurgeon - Vocals; Noel Anderson - Guitar; Edgar Smith - Vocals, Bass; Tim Garratt - Vocals, Guitar, Keys; Seth Pimlott - Drums.

They grind out cheerful existences in South and East London's open-air showroom quarters. Played to the patter of the neo-dustbowl pop directive to please, their songs cover exhaustion, traps and the shortening of horizons. Once pandemics and catastrophe got boring, the band took it back to major-minor chords. Downer sounds for a blinding bright tomorrow. Death to pseudo-soul. Everyone moans about the rent, but in all the confusion and complaining the people are holding it together, having learnt to be sexually attracted to debt.

Listen to track 'Proletarieterette' HERE.