OLLA Single Description

We are proud to announce the release of a limited edition of 1000 12" vinyl single featuring 3 tracks from the original motion picture soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's crypto-vampire love story 'Only Lovers Left Alive'.

This is done in 'Triple Black' product & packaging (as referenced in the film) - black vinyl, black label, and black sleeve.

Out now via ATP Recordings.

Track Listing:
A1. The Taste Of Blood - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
B1. Funnel Of Love - SQÜRL (featuring Madeline Follin)
B2. In Templum Dei - Jozef Van Wissem (featuring Zola Jesus)

IAN - You remember that 12” I was talking about?
SCOTT - Yeah...
IAN - Lemme go grab it.
IAN - Check it out, man.
IAN - Triple black.
SCOTT - That’s great.
SCOTT - 180-gram vinyl?
IAN - 180-gram, man.
SCOTT - Amazing.
IAN - No printing anywhere
SCOTT - Man, that’s awesome.
SCOTT - So mysterious.
SCOTT - Thanks, man.
IAN - Nice meeting you.