Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport

If limitations supposedly live only in our minds, then the new album from Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power – A.K.A F*ck Buttons – eschews the constricting nature of preconceived notions. That album, ‘Tarot Sport’, is one of unbound possibility and lucid cohesion; a cerebral pilgrimage that refines, crafts, explores and develops the experimental aesthetic of 2008's critically acclaimed debut, ‘Street Horrrsing’...

Release Formats

  • ATPRCD35: CD
  • ATPRLP35: 2x LP (with download code)
  • ATPR35: Download




1. Surf Solar 10:33  
2. Rough Steez 4:44  
3. The Lisbon Maru 9:19  
4. Olympians 10:55  
5. Phantom Limb 4:50  
6. Space Mountain 8:45  
7. Flight Of The Feathered Serpent 9:32  
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