Tarot Sport Info

If limitations supposedly live only in our minds, then the new album from Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power – A.K.A F*ck Buttons – eschews the constricting nature of preconceived notions. That album, ‘Tarot Sport’, is one of unbound possibility and lucid cohesion; a cerebral pilgrimage that refines, crafts, explores and develops the experimental aesthetic of 2008's critically acclaimed debut, ‘Street Horrrsing.’

The duo’s pioneering sound drew legendary DJ, producer and remixer Andrew Weatherall into the story - his own unique ethos inspired him to return behind the desk at the Rotters Golf Club Studio in London to capture a snapshot of two artists pushing forward into uncharted territories. As the band say, “There are so many more layers of sound that we needed somebody with the ability to spread these out over a wide plane… The ambition of sound in this record required him to realise it.” The results, needless to say, are astounding, taking things to another level through a combination of their own ambitious aims and the application of Weatherall’s clear-sighted, rule-defying precision and attention to sonic detail. The seven tracks on the album reflect a new-found complexity of sound that F*ck Buttons immersed themselves in, strived for and achieved with startling results.

Instead of limitations, for F*ck Buttons, possibility is at the heart of everything they do: “The impetus that drives our music is our profound interest in exploration, we explore sounds through inconsistent methods and filter them through our sensibilities.” This exploration into their own perception imbues itself through everything the band does - all of F*ck Buttons' design work is created by the band themselves, Andrew makes the videos whilst Benjamin designs the record sleeves – embellishing one cohesive identity throughout their output.

‘Tarot Sport’ isn’t a natural progression from previous thought, but an unparalleled movement that manifests itself in the individual’s heart and mind. Listen, then, as they say, “Create your own narrative.”