Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport

If limitations supposedly live only in our minds, then the new album from Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power – A.K.A F*ck Buttons – eschews the constricting nature of preconceived notions. That album, ‘Tarot Sport’, is one of unbound possibility and lucid cohesion; a cerebral pilgrimage that refines, crafts, explores and develops the experimental aesthetic of 2008's critically acclaimed debut, ‘Street Horrrsing’...

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Release Formats

  • ATPRCD35: CD
  • ATPRLP35: 2x LP (with download code)
  • ATPR35: Download



Olympians (Single Edit)
Surf Solar (7" edit)

Tour Dates

Sat 27th Sep Henry Leboeuf Room, Bozar Electronic Arts Festival, Brussels
Wed 22nd Oct AktionShalle, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
Thu 23rd Oct Case A Chocs, Superette Festival, Neuchatel


1. Surf Solar
2. Rough Steez
3. The Lisbon Maru
4. Olympians
5. Phantom Limb
6. Space Mountain
7. Flight Of The Feathered Serpent