The Red Wing description

Following the announcement of their third album 'Slow Focus', Fuck Buttons have cut loose the first track from its densely constructed mesh of abrasions and grooves, in the form of the sinister, penetrative breaks of ‘The Red Wing’ - out now via ATP Recordings. Available digitally or on 12" gold vinyl (limited to 1000 copies worldwide).

In keeping with the directional shift from the serrated trance-like meditations that made up 2009’s 'Tarot Sport', ‘The Red Wing’ reflects Fuck Buttons descent down the other side of that record’s high, to darker, more uncertain climbs. “'The Red Wing' has a sense of fear and of loneliness, as if deserted in an abandoned city,” says Benjamin John Power. “The feeling of malevolence is something we hadn't really explored in our music prior to this.”

'Slow Focus' once again abides by Power and Andrew Hung’s fundamental rule that, “we must always be in the same room when writing.” The first record that they’ve fully produced themselves, it’s an ominously shimmering mirage that could only have borne their moniker. “Slow Focus seemed like a very apt title when considering the sentiment of the music,” comments Power, “It almost feels like the moment your eyes take to readjust when waking, and realising you're in a very unusual and not a particularly welcoming place. We like to think that we create our own new landscapes, and with this it's a very alien one.”