Death Vessel

Death Vessel is Joel Thibodeau's work as both a solo artist and band leader. His music, captured on the resplendent record "Stay Close", is an eloquent distillation of a life's tales. Born in Berlin, Germany before The Wall fell... raised in Kennebunkport, Maine before the senior Bush's presidency... this musician lived a childhood where the ghosts of Cold War casualties and seaport tragedies haunted the alleyways and beaches. Leaving Maine as a teenager, Thibodeau moved to Boston, Providence and New York. In Providence he was a founding member, songwriter and performer of the group String Builder. Now as then, Thibodeau captures the surreal and the sublime in wondrous song.



ATP Recordings / Fopp Promotion starts today!

19 Jul 2010 14:50

We're excited to announce that Fopp will be running an ATP campaign starting today Monday 19th July. Titles include...

Death Vessel supports Jose Gonzales on European tour

05 Mar 2008 12:00

Fans of Death Vessel may be interested to know that he will support Jose Gonzales on a forthcoming European tour next month. Dates are as follows...

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Stay Close

Released: 2007

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