Eaux - Plastics

When Ben Crook - one third of spectral electronic trio Eaux - describes his group's songs as "never finished, just abandoned" he's describing a creative process that burrows its way down and down until each track has to be wrenched away from their originator's hands, given the sheer amount of avenues that the three-piece manage to open up during conception. However Eaux's debut LP Plastics, out worldwide June 9th via ATP Recordings (US/Canada July 8th), also has the feel of abandonment to it, in the sense that to listen to it is to come across some long-lost gem, an unknown discovery amidst a box of records, an electronic album where influences past and present cancel each other out in stasis to create an album that exists in a timeless era.

Release Formats

  • ATPRDD53: Digital Download
  • ATPRLP53: 12" Vinyl
  • ATPRCD53: CD



1. Head 5:38  
2. Movers And Shakers 5:31  
3. Pressure Points 4:13  
4. Peace Makes Plenty 5:40  
5. Sleeper 4:12  
6. The Light Falls Through Itself 5:12  
7. Blue Tunnel 3:32  
8. Evoke 6:45  
9. Zero Zero 4:33