Tall Firs - Out Of It And Into It

Tall Firs: 21 years of saditude; Third album ‘Out Of It And Into It’ out now on ATP Recordings. Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan have been pals since junior high school. Starting in 1990, they literally taught each other how to play guitar, wood-shedding shoulder to shoulder. The first complete tune they could ever play start to finish was the Circle Jerks’ 'Beat Me Senseless'; soon afterward they took on Mississippi John Hurt's 'Payday'. Today they continue to refine a creole guitar language that is pretty much a two-man weave between those same disparate destinations.

Release Formats

  • ATPRLP43: LP (with download code)
  • ATPRDD43: Digital Download
  • ATPRCD43: CD




1. Suffer So Long 3:51  
2. Waiting On A Friend 4:01  
3. Axeman 2:21  
4. Suicide 2:36  
5. I Couldn't Say It To Your Face 2:43  
6. Vertigo 2:11  
7. Crooked Smiles 3:51  
8. Edge Of The World 3:30  
9. Whole Thing Is Over 3:01  
10. Reveille Of Babylon 3:33  
11. Loss For Words 3:08  
12. Fri/End (bonus track) 3:25  
13. Industrial Estate (bonus track) 2:41  
14. The Saddest Story Ever Told (bonus track) 2:26  
15. Brand New Love (bonus track) 3:47  
16. The King Of Carrot Flowers Pt. One (bonus track) 2:13  
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