Artist Bio: Camila Fuchs

Camila Fuchs came together in London, with Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini hailing from Mexico City and Munich respectively.

“I was searching for more involvement with electronics, and Daniel for a vocalist” Camila explains, “collaborating meant having the exchange we were both looking for and it has become a really natural and inspiring connection built over the years. Initially Daniel introduced me to German electronic sub culture from Krautrock to labels like Raster Noton and I in return opened him to some more electronic pop acts. After that we gradually went into industrial music and punk bands and artists like Leila (Arab), Jenny Hval, Broadcast and Tim Hecker to mention a few.”

2016 saw the release of their debut album Singing From Fixed Rung, that was so well received they’ve supported / shared stage with Actress, Aleksi Perala, Laurel Halo, Starcrawler, William Basinski, Braids, Ben Vince, Charles Hayward and played for the second time at Mutek in Mexico live. Whilst Camila Fuchs might be loosely described as electronic, guitars and drums are employed sparingly:

“This album is based on a more live, physical, way of creating,” they elucidate, “we're an electronic act but with the way we work there is some kind of cross pollination between a band and an electronic act. Most songs on this record were recorded & mixed live. It is definitely more lyrics based, hence there’s a stronger vocal presence in this album than our debut.”

“The subject matter varies from love, going against love; pursuing a path, panic attacks. heatwaves, dreams, media, weapons and manipulation. No constant theme, rather topics that might surround many of us either through direct contact or the increased level information we receive nowadays.”

On their sophomore album Camila Fuchs stride confidently into both soul baring lyricism and sonic experimentation, displaying all the hallmarks of a soon destined to be cult band.

Heart Pressed Between Stones is to be released by ATP Recordings on November 9th, 2018.